Chauffeur Drive Terms and Conditions

Chauffeur Drive Terms and Conditions


In these Terms and Conditions (Terms):

We, US and Europcar Lebanon mean International Passenger Corporation Company S.A.L registered under the number 3246821 located in Jdeidet El Maten, Lebanon, and all associated companies, staff, and chauffeurs.

Client, You and Your mean the individual/s, company or other entity making a reservation, and/or any representative or guest thereof.


These Terms apply to all reservations unless otherwise approved by us. Any departure must be approved in writing by us in order to be our responsibility. The order is considered final only after our consent. These Terms apply exclusively to the supply of services specified herein and are not mandatory for additional services. The Client will in no case be allowed to put forward standards, specifications, statutes, rules and uses not duly accepted by us.

Reservation Terms

Charges apply from when the vehicle leaves our stations and finish according to the agreed schedule.

All bookings are upon request 24 hours prior reservation. For operational reasons, we reserve the right to substitute vehicles of a similar category, where necessary.

Charges are applied on an hourly basis.

A credit card in the client’s name is mandatory for booking.

Accepted cards are; American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Debit Cards, prepaid are not accepted for reservations but accepted for payment. 

Europcar Lebanon Chauffeur Drive reserves the right to cancel bookings, amend fees, itineraries, days and times of operation of services offered upon reasonable notice and in case of “force majeure” without prior notice.

Age – the client should be 18 years old and above in order to do this reservation. A valid passport and credit card are required.

Reservation costs (does not include):

Extra hour; any additional hour, Europcar Lebanon will charge the client the rate accordingly.

Extra equipment; i.e. baby/child seat, WiFi dongle, be reserved during the booking.

Parking charges; Europcar Lebanon will not be liable of any type of parking charges i.e. park meters, public or private parking.

Refund and Cancellation policy

No refund will be made after the vehicle is dispatched from the station. A non-negotiable cancellation fee applicable to the requested service will apply under all circumstances.

In case of cancellation, the client can cancel his reservation on the website 48 hours prior to the pick-up.

Payment of booking costs must be in advance by cash or by approved credit card.


Our vehicles have full insurance coverage as per the Lebanese Traffic Law and there is also PAI (Personal Accident Insurance) in order to cover the client in case of accident injury. Our Insurance policies cover our clients whilst inside our vehicle/s and on the road only.

Europcar Lebanon Chauffeur Drive will not be liable in the contract for any personal belongings of the client property of any kind.

All prices and conditions specified or described on the Europcar Lebanon website or platforms and on the application form are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Reservation Modifications

In case the client wants to modify the reservation details i.e. extend or shorten the period, modify transport times, routes or dates. They have to either do it on the website or by informing us at the station 24 hours prior.

Chauffeurs DO NOT have the authority to change the booked times, pick up, destination addresses or routes without the prior consent of Europcar Lebanon operation.


  1. “Pay on arrival booking”; a grace period of 120 minutes is permitted, in case of “No Show” Europcar Lebanon will charge the booking amount.
  2. “Prepaid booking”; no pick-up time is specified until the closing of the rental.

Force Majeure

Neither party shall be liable for failure in its performance hereunder caused by any case of Force Majeure. "Force Majeure" shall be considered - as defined by the applicable regulation(s) - as any irresistible or unforeseeable event, independent of the party suffering of the case of Force Majeure, which prevents this party from fulfilling its obligations.

Vehicle Damage, Bad Behavior, and Illegal substances

The client is liable for any intentional damage caused to our vehicles' interior or exterior from their end or a party from their end. In this case, he will be charged the repair cost and the vehicle will be seized by Europcar Lebanon straightaway without prior notice nor a refund will apply.

Smoking, any illegal materials, and substances are strictly prohibited inside the vehicle.

For safety reasons, luggage and/ or containers, surfboards, skis or items of a large nature or flammable fluids or items may not be placed within the passenger cabin at any time.

The client is prohibited to drink Alcoholic beverages while in our vehicles.

No food of any description is to be consumed inside our vehicles.

Safety Devices

Seatbelts are fitted to all our vehicles and must be used by all clients whilst the vehicle is in motion. In case there’s a child onboard it is mandatory to place him/her in a child seat. In case the above-mentioned was not applied the client will be liable.

Vehicle Restrictions & Road Rules

Europcar Lebanon drivers adhere stringently to all legal traffic rules and regulations at all times. It is not negotiable in any case to ask the driver to break the law i.e. over speeding, take the vehicle to an unsuitable or risky location or situation.

Privacy Policy:

Europcar Lebanon abides and follows Europcar International privacy policy terms and conditions.

Request for information or queries:

For any additional information on your booking and for any query prior to your arrival at the Europcar station, please contact the reservation service on the below:

Mobile number: +961 3 670323


Call our reservations team: +961 1 876 367/ +961 3 670 323 / +961 3 694 004

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