Terms and Conditions

1. Value-Added Tax (VAT):

Our customers will be charged the governmental tax as required by the legislation of Lebanon, where currently the VAT= 11%. All prices include 11% VAT unless we tell you otherwise.

2. Additional driver:

Requirements for an additional driver are submission of a valid driving license and a valid passport ID and being a “qualified driver” under the Lebanese federal traffic law. A maximum of 3 additional drivers is allowed per rental. You will be advised of the cost and the age details for this during the booking process.

3. Other Additional Service charges:

Additional charges apply to the navigation system (GPS), child/baby seats, or any additional extra services while booking. All additional equipment or services must be requested at the time of booking and you will be advised of the cost of these services during the booking process. These charges can be paid directly online or paid on arrival. Europcar Lebanon reserves the right to update its prices without prior notice.

4. Traffic violations and fines:

You are liable for the payment of all charges, fees & costs arising from any congestion charge, speeding fines, road traffic offense, or parking offense involving the vehicle taking place during the rental period, including costs from the vehicle being clamped, seized, or towed away & any charges/costs (or failure to pay) of the appropriate organization if & when they ask for these payments together with our administration fee. We can receive these violations several months after the rental hence they will be deducted from your credit card then.

Note: The administrative fee will be 25% and will apply to the total amount of the violation.


5. Age of Drivers:

The minimum age generally to rent a vehicle from us is 21 years holding a valid driving license of at least 1 year old, and the maximum age to drive our vehicles is 70 years subject to being fit to drive safely. The age policy may vary as per the car category and any such variation will be indicated during the booking process.

6. Airport Surcharge:

An airport surcharge of USD 30.00 excluding TAX will be applied to any rental taking place at the Station at Beirut International Airport unless specified differently. Our counter is located inside the Airport at the Arrivals Hall. The customer should provide us with flight details (i.e., airline, terminal, time of arrival, destination…) also the country of origin, e-mail, and mobile phone number.

This Station is open 24/7, for more information you can contact us at + 961 3 670323.

7. Rental deposit:

Europcar does not accept Debit cards and cash as a means of “Deposit"

During your booking and at the time of "Check-out", You will be informed that in addition to the price of your rental, you will be asked to leave a deposit. The amount of the deposit will be mentioned before the finalization of your booking, restated in your booking confirmation email, and also on the Rental Agreement that You will receive at the rental station at the time of "Check-out". The deposit takes the form of an electronic pre-authorization (the "Deposit") carried on Your Credit Card to cover the possible traffic fines and damage. The amount of the deposit depends on the car category.

Credit Cards are required for the deposit; where Customer will be asked to provide us with 1 Credit Card in his name for Normal Vehicles & 2 Credit Cards under his name for Luxury Vehicles.

Any Credit Card without the customer’s name will not be accepted. 

After deducting all the dues of the customer’s additional fees, the excess blocked amount will be released automatically in [3 – 4] weeks. Note: Europcar is not responsible for any difference between the amount blocked & the amount released resulting from the fluctuation of foreign exchange rates and/or other possible banking charges.

8. Accepted Credit Cards:

1. MasterCard

2. Visa

3. American Express

The company does not accept prepaid, rechargeable, or virtual cards or other types of cards other than the ones mentioned above.

9. Delivery/Collection of the vehicle:

Delivery/Collection in Beirut city is charged USD 10.00 excluding TAX

Delivery/Collection out of Beirut city is charged depending on the distance covered

Delivery & Collection is available:

• Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

• Saturday and Sunday – service is not available

10. Fuel policy and vehicle check-up:

  1. The customer must return the vehicle with the same level of fuel at the pick-up.
  2. Refueling; if the car is not returned with the same fuel level, Europcar Lebanon will charge the actual price at the Gas station and an additional administrative cost of 25% service charge is added to the refueling cost.
  3. Vehicle check-up is the responsibility of the customer to check water and oil levels as well as tire pressures and damages caused due to neglecting these check-ups are not covered and would be considered vehicle misuse and the due cost is the customer’s liability.

11. Assistance on the road:

We offer you a 24/7 assistance service.

In case of assistance, you can contact us at + 961 3 670323 and collaborate with our fleet controller to receive the required help.

12. Documents required for rental:

  1. Valid Passport
  2. Valid Driving license must be at least 1 year from the first issue
  3. A valid International driving license is mandatory for foreign customers excluding the USA, Canada, EU, Australia, and Arab Countries. This is subject to changes depending on the Lebanese traffic law
  4. Valid Credit card under the customer's name

Note: All above driving licenses should be in English or Arabic otherwise a translated copy of the same will be requested.

13. Grace period of a rental:

The grace period for Check-out and Check-in is 120 minutes at the latest, otherwise, it will be charged as a full rental day.

14. Insurances:

Fully Comprehensive insurance is provided subject to current Lebanese Law. The customer is liable for a deductible amount as per car category - against claims resulting from every accident including (hit-and-run) reporting you at fault (as evidenced by a Traffic Accident Report). This can be waived by buying the super collision damage waiver (SCDW).

In the case of bodywork damage during the rental, the maximum amount that could be paid would be the deposit amount. Coverage will only be valid if the terms of the lease are met.

Supplementary insurance

In the event of an accident, this parcel counts only the deductible CDW (Collision Damage Waiver)/ THW (Theft Waiver), coverage due to collision, theft, overturning, and total loss of the vehicle.

It includes protection against personal injury (PAI) and double cover for CDW in the event of third-party damage. The minimum age required to close this package is for the lead driver to be 21 years old.

Please inform your branch and competent authorities immediately of the damage or accidents that have occurred, otherwise, you will be charged for any damages. Loss of profit due to vehicle deterioration is calculated case by case.

This protection does not cover damage to tires and windscreen it excludes, among other things, the loss of accessories such as tires, emergency tires, radio, speakers, head restraints, and mirrors. It does not include theft of parts or components of the engine.

SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance)

Europcar offers an increase in liability coverage of up to LBP 5,000,000,000.00 Lebanese pounds.

PAI (Personal Accident Insurance)

This insurance provides peace and confidence that personal protection represents health costs in the event of a car accident. The insurance is for the driver and applies to the occupants of the vehicle, provided that the permitted number of passengers is not exceeded. The fee is per day. Coverage: Passenger medical expenses, permanent disability of the passenger, passenger death, and funeral expenses, depending on the package of insurance. You can check more information before renting a car at Europcar Lebanon.

NoteA “Traffic Accident Report” is obligatory in the case of an accident.


15. One-way charge:

         Available between Europcar rental stations; if you decide to rent a vehicle at a branch but return it to another Europcar branch, Europcar Lebanon will charge you a one-way charge for an amount of $15.00 excluding TAX.

16. Cross Border fee:

Our vehicles are not permitted to be driven outside Lebanon.

Note: Customer to inform Europcar Lebanon Airport station in case they want to visit a restricted zone in Lebanon near the border since all our fleet contains a tracking system that might stop the vehicle immediately.

17. Limited Kilometers:

Short-term rentals (up to 30 days) have unlimited mileage, except for specific packages that you will be advised about upon booking.

18. Promotions:

Promotions can end without prior notice.

Discounts cannot be applied nor accumulated with other running promotions.


19. Speed:

 The customer must abide by the traffic lights, signs, and speed limits on all roads to avoid fines.

20. Payment:

The rental payment can be made in 2 ways:

  1. Prepaid”: paid directly while booking online.
  2. Pay on arrival”: customer should pay the rental amount at vehicle Checkout.

Cash, Credit Card, and Debit Cards are accepted for rental fees.

Note: Credit Cards are only accepted for the deposit amounts, and the only accepted Credit Cards are: “MasterCard”, “Visa” and “American Express”


21. Vehicle replacement:

In the event of; a vehicle breakdown or a major accident, Europcar Lebanon will offer a replacement vehicle similar to the rented category without any extra cost.

Note: In case of accidents specific T&Cs apply meaning that the customer is fully responsible for handling all the Legal accident documents (i.e., Traffic accident report), informing the insurance company and Europcar Lebanon’s team.)

In case of emergency contact us at +961 3 670323

22. Vehicle condition:

  1. The Customer must keep the hired vehicle in a clean, safe, and sound condition as he/she took it. Otherwise, charges may be applied.
  2. Europcar Lebanon will conduct the vehicle’s “Check-out” and “Check-in” condition in the presence of the Customer at the time of handing over or receiving it to ensure the vehicle’s condition and to mark the status of each rented vehicle.
  3. The Customer commits that he won’t allow anybody to drive the rented vehicle unless authorized By Europcar Lebanon as an “additional driver”.
  4. The Customer undertakes that neither he nor any of the listed additional drivers will use the vehicle in; Pushing, Pulling, or Towing objects, Races & Fun Drives, Rough Roads, and Teach Driving or Renting the vehicle without Europcar Lebanon’s permission.
  5. The Customer that fails to adhere to the same will be held responsible and liable for all charges resulting from damages, penalties, fines & other dues.
  6. The Customer commits that he or any additional driver will not use the vehicle to transport commercial passengers or any materials/products that are prohibited by Lebanese Laws.

23. Confirmed Reservation Policy:

  1. “Pay on arrival booking”; a grace period of 120 minutes is permitted for the Customer to pick up the vehicle.
  2. “Prepaid booking”; no pick-up time is specified until the closing of the rental.
  3. “No Show”; an amount of 95€ will be applied.
  4. “Reservation Turn down”; due to the failure of the customer to fulfill the rental T&C’s requirement will be subject to a turn-down rental fee charge.
  5. “Cancellation”; a reservation is free of charge if cancellation is made at least 48 hours before the pick-up. While after that it will be subject to a cancellation fee of 50€.

24. Vehicle Return:

  1. “In case of early return”; no refund amount will be applied.
  2. “In case of later return”; there’s a grace period of 120 minutes at the latest. In case the Customer returns the vehicle after the grace period a charge of one additional rental day will be applied.
  3. “Fail to return”; if you fail to return the vehicle on its due date & time, and you have not extended its Hire Period for a period of 24 hours, then we will record the Vehicle as stolen and will report it to the police & will file a case.
  4. “Out of working hours drop-off”; in such a case the customer should inform us ahead of time and a charge will be applied depending on the day and if it is a holiday.
  5. “Pick-up and drop-off at another location”; e.g. if the car was picked up from the Airport station & dropped off at Jdeideh station. The customer should inform us ahead of time and a charge will be applied. 


25. Force Majeure:

Neither party shall be liable for failure in its performance hereunder caused by any case of Force Majeure. "Force Majeure" shall be considered - as defined by the applicable regulation(s) - as any irresistible or unforeseeable event, independent of the party suffering from the case of Force Majeure, which prevents this party from fulfilling its obligations.

So in the case:

1. “Of a Prepaid booking”; the transaction will be canceled, and the renting station will refund you the prepaid rental charge that has been collected. The renting station will have no further obligations concerning the transaction;

2. “Of a Guaranteed reservation”; the reservation will expire; a No-Show fee will not be charged to you and the renting station will have no further obligations concerning the transaction.


26. Privacy Policy:

Europcar Lebanon abides and follows Europcar International's privacy policy terms and conditions.

27. Request for information or queries:

For any additional information on your booking and any query before you arrive at the Europcar station, please contact the reservation service on the below:

Mobile number: +961 3 670323

Email: or


Call our reservations team: +961 1 876 367/ +961 3 670 323 / +961 3 694 004

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